Currently, I lead the Epidemico product development team at Booz Allen Hamilton in working with scientists and public health experts to tackle global challenges across a wide range of population health domains. I most frequently utilize React, Flux, AngularJS, Spark, Node.js, MongoDB, D3.js, GeoServer, GeoNode, Open Layers 3, and Google Maps API.

HealthFront, Department of Defense, Lead Software Engineer and Project Manager: quickly generates area-specific reports by analyzing a user-generated bounding box on a map, which can serve multiple layers of data (e.g., land use, infrastructure, demography, etc.).

HealthScout, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Lead Software Engineer: visualizes a threat score for malaria across administrative districts in Uganda; the threat score is the outcome of analyzing and rendering scientific data that are predictors of malaria endemicity (e.g., elevation, precipitation, population density, etc.).

Bio Surveillance Portal, Department of Defense, Lead Software Engineer: allows user to compile disease outbreak reports based on location, disease type, and time period; data is analyzed and rendered over a map layer; user can save areas for monitoring and be notified of any new disease outbreak alerts.

Open Source


Personify.js is a Hacker News-featured open source JavaScript library I co-created with Phil Elauria and Rohan Agrawal that harnesses the power of IBM Watson's advanced linguistic analytics tools and Twitter data. Library is published on npm. The current version implements:

  • Watson User Modeling service, which extracts cognitive and social characteristics, including Big Five, Values, and Needs, from communications data provided.
  • Watson Machine Translation service, which converts text input in one language into a desired language for the end user. Translation is available for English, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, French and Arabic.
  • Twitter REST API.
  • Twitter Streaming API.

Our team also deployed an example application built on the library: PersonifyApp.

My Contribution: Node.js architecture, IBM Watson integration, Angular.js, D3.js, and Mocha/Karma/Jasmine testing


Finance.js is an open source JavaScript library I created that makes it easy to incorporate common financial calculations, e.g., Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC), into an application. Library is fully tested with Chai and published on npm.