Integrating the World Bank API in Ruby on Rails

As part of a forthcoming data forecasting application, I am integrating the World Bank API. Here is a quick overview of how I went about integrating »

A Note on NASA's JavaScript Solar Eclipse Explorer

A few weeks ago I came across an application that was built by by Fred Espenak and Chris O'Byrne of NASA: NASA JavaScript Solar Eclipse Explorer »

Debugging Node.js with Node Inspector

When first learning Node.js, I would employ "console.log" as a panacea whenever I needed to debug an issue, which was obviously not very efficient »

Ruby vs JavaScript

In this blog post I discuss the main differences between two programming languages, Ruby and JavaScript. After spending a year-and-a-half building Ruby on Rails applications, I »

Merge Sort in JavaScript

Imagine yourself sitting in the first day of a computer science course. At the top of the syllabus is "merge sort," an algorithm to sort an »